T-Shirts for Dana Lookadoo

SEO DIED so I became a Jedi Master ….



As seen on twitter by @AkvileHarlow

Buy a shirt and all proceeds will go to Dana Lookadoo.


Dana Lookadoo needs our donations. An unfortunate accident has left her with mounting medical bills. Further, her recovery as of late has taken a bad turn. Together, we can help provide Dana with some financial relief. Click here to find out how to donate more.

I commit to giving all proceeds from these T-Shirts this month to Dana. A shirt costs about $3, flat rate shipping in the US will be $5.95. I will cover material costs. At a price of $30, Dana will receive about $21 per shirt. I hope we can hit 200 shirts giving Dana $4200 this month. Please help.


…Update: Thanks for your support. Dana has passed on. Please visit this facebook page to offer support and comfort for those that love her.

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